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Violins are a highly specialized and delicate instrument, and may from time to time require the attention of a professional luthier. If you have a problem with your instrument, let us have a look at it, and advise you as to how we would eliminate the problem or your concerns. We’ll take good care of your prized possession and handle any necessary repairs or restorations promptly and properly, the first time.

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We’re proud to offer:


  • All the usual maintenance for your instrument, including soundpost, bridge, and accurate setup
  • Crack Restoration and Retouch
  • Rib Repair and Re-gluing of All Rib Seams
  • Restore Neck Angle and Specialized Button Grafting
  • Close Up Open Back Seam
  • Fingerboard Dressing and/or Replacement
  • Professional Cleaning & Polishing

As always, we’re happy to offer free appraisals, in-store or in-home. Contact us regarding your instrument!

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