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1045 Homewood Dr.

 Benson, MN 56215


Amundson Violin appraises and restores string instruments from around the world. Choose one of the options below.


#1. E-mail or call us at Amundson Violin, 320-808-1783. Send your photos to

#2. Send photos and any information you may have. We will discuss your instrument with you and supply a verbal opinion.

#3. Ship your violin to us for a Free Appraisal or restoration estimate. Safe packaging instructions are as follows:


*Shipping Alert!!! For the best shipping prices, we advise clients to go directly to UPS, FedEx, or a UPS truck depot.
Be aware that a shipping store can display UPS, FedX, USPS, signs but might charge double or triple what the actual shipping costs are. Get Quotes. It should never be over $30.00 for UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or USPS regular delivery. If you choose to insure the violin, insurance should generally cost .50 cents per hundred in value. Please call us at 320-808-1783 for insurance suggestions.


  1. Take clear photographs of your violin from various angles and keep for your records.
  2. Softly pack violin inside the violin case to stop movement or rattles.
  3. Tape down the handle or anything that is loose on the outside of the case.
  4. Pack the case inside a box only slightly larger than the violin case. Use plastic styrofoam to cushion.
  5. Tape box shut and address clearly to:
    Amundson Violin
    1045 Homewood Dr.
    Benson, MN 56215
  6. Take it to UPS, Federal Express or US Mail.

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